Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January 20th

Hello I'm Big Bubba. I'm just a regular 7th grader that started a partial home school schedule (grandma school) a while back because of my not so great grades. It has been a while and we are doing great. My grades are getting better gradually, and we are having tons of fun along the way. We started in October of 2009 we've just had a schedule change and dont have as much time but we will still will have a lot of fun. For Christmas in 2009 grandma and I had a lot of fun in home ecnomics making candels, naptkins, a pillow, and spices (there were big messes to clean up). Grandma and I are starting a health unit in about two weeks. It will be all about how to eat more healthy.


  1. Looking good, Cole! So happy to be your 1st awesome follower! Does this mean that I am the MOST Awesome follower?

  2. yes, it does mean you are the most awesome follower