Friday, February 5, 2010


So, I have just started my new semester in school. I have also just started a new program at my school called A.V.I.D. (Advancement Via Individual Determination), an awesome new thing my school just started doing a year ago. AVID helps students learn organization skills, study skills, and how to get awesome grades in school. My AVID teacher Mr. Hafer is awesome he is the best teacher I have had so far. he is very loud and up in your face, always asking questions. The first day (the 2nd) the whole class helped the other four new kids and I clean out and organize our binders. All of the old papers from the last six weeks were put in our jedesin binders. I'm not quite sure what jedesin stands for, but I will figure it out soon enough. In other news grandma and I are starting to do health, this week nutrition I have been on the internet and have found some pretty good resources (if you have any good resouces I could use please coment to give me ideas). I am also reading my gramas book, ''Eat This, Not That''. If anybody has any sugestions for grama school health please comment.

Big Bubba

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  1. Looking good! Way to organize your folder, being organized always helps me out : )